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mid-yearEK | Copper Series Onyx RingEK | Copper Series Onyx Ring
EK | Copper Series Onyx Ring Sale priceRM169.00
mid-yearEK | Tenez Chain BlackEK | Tenez Chain Black
EK | Tenez Chain Black Sale priceRM450.00
mid-yearEK | Couple Heart Pendant Necklace SilverEK | Couple Heart Pendant Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Bunny Link Necklace SilverEK | Bunny Link Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Copper Series Malachite NecklaceEK | Copper Series Malachite Necklace
mid-yearEK | Heartbreaker Necklace SilverEK | Heartbreaker Necklace Silver
Dr Mister | Colossal B Chain Pendant Necklace SilverDr Mister | Colossal B Chain Pendant Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK x Stoned Love Necklace SilverEK x Stoned Love Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Bamboo Chain GoldEK | Bamboo Chain Gold
EK | Bamboo Chain Gold Sale priceRM139.00
mid-yearEK | Medusa Chain Gold
EK | Medusa Chain Gold Sale priceRM250.00
mid-yearEK | Infinite Cross Necklace BlueEK | Infinite Cross Necklace Blue
mid-yearEK | Single Feza Necklace GoldEK | Single Feza Necklace Gold
EK | Single Feza Necklace Gold Sale priceRM189.00
mid-yearEK | Travis Pendant SilverEK | Travis Pendant Silver
EK | Travis Pendant Silver Sale priceRM450.00
mid-yearEK | Full Pearl NecklaceEK | Full Pearl Necklace
EK | Full Pearl Necklace Sale priceRM209.00
mid-yearEK | Bayc Monkey Necklace BlueEK | Bayc Monkey Necklace Blue
EK | Bayc Monkey Necklace Blue Sale priceRM259.00
mid-yearEK | Dagger Feza Necklace SilverEK | Dagger Feza Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Dark Green Sapphire Necklace SilverEK | Dark Green Sapphire Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Pink Sapphire Necklace SilverEK | Pink Sapphire Necklace Silver
mid-yearEK | Red Sapphire Necklace SilverEK | Red Sapphire Necklace Silver
Touchwood | Light That Up J3 Version - GoldTouchwood | Light That Up J3 Version - Gold
Touchwood | Light That Up J3 Version - XenoTouchwood | Light That Up J3 Version - Xeno